Class Description - Whats a Microcontroller
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Class Description - Robotics with the BOE Bot
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Class Outline - Robotics with the BOE Bot
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Microcontrollers and Robotics
Home School Enrichment Class
This page is a resource for the home
school enrichment classes taught by
Russell Ferguson.

The Parallax "Stamps in Class" series is
used in these classes.

The first class in the series is the "What's
a Microcontroller". The second class in
the series is the "Robotics with the
BOE-Bot". "What's a Microcontroller" is
considered a prerequisite to "Robotics
with the BOE-Bot".

Students will meet in a classroom once a
week. They will be required to do much
of the assigned work independently.

This class is for home school students.

"What's a Microcontroller" once a week
for 12 weeks.
The class will meet for a minimum of 2
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